Our services span a product’s entire lifecycle.

from pipeline to launch to maturity, through line extensions and LOE.



Use our state of the art, customizable models and partner with us to develop evidence based forecast and expense assumptions. We’ll run risk adjusted NPVs and help you think through deal structures for your Business Development and Licensing opportunities. You’ll have the utmost confidence in making these important decisions.

Commercial Forecasts

We don’t stop at extrapolating trends. We’ll make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of existing and potential future 
competitors. You should have the utmost confidence in your P&L and our commitment is to deliver that to you.

Demand Forecasts

We’ll optimize your demand forecast to generate the least possible error for the measurement of your choice. And to the extent your demand forecast differs from your financial forecast, we’ll help you understand risks and opportunities.

Analog Assessment

There’s never the perfect analog but we’ll help you objectively 
interpret a portfolio of analogs. Moreover, we’ll use innovative 
techniques to deliver insights not easily extracted from the analogs under consideration.